Stub Gray Handgun Range Closed For Day

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The handgun/pistol range portion of the Stub Gray Shooting Range at Little Sioux Park near Correctionville, Iowa, will be closed on Saturday, October 28. Boy Scouts of America local district will be hosting their annual Jamboree at Little Sioux Park and will be using the handgun range for various activities on Saturday.  The rifle range portion of the Shooting Range will remain open to the public during the day, and fees will still be required to use the rifle range.  Both ranges will be available to the public on Sunday, October 29, 2017.

A daily or annual use permit is required to use the range.  Daily $10 permits can be purchased at the site and $50 Individual or Family Annual Permits can be purchased online through the Conservation Board website at  Shooters are also required to register at the check-in station.