Woodbury County is rich in wildlife diversity, including birds.

Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center: view bird feeding stations from the comfort of indoors or hike the numerous trails in Stone State Park. This park is listed as an Iowa Important Birding Area.

Owego Wetland Complex this restored wetland has a great diversity of birds and attracts many migrants such as shorebirds, hawks and waterfowl. Owego is also listed as one of Iowa’s Important Birding Areas. The Loess Hills Audubon Society keeps an updated species list. Click here to view

Snyder Bend Park and Brown’s Lake—Bigelow Park: these Missouri River oxbow lakes provide excellent habitat for migrating waterfowl. Bald eagles and osprey can often be found fishing in these areas.

Little Sioux Park: this riparian area supports songbirds and birds found along river corridors.
Southwood Conservation Area and Fowler Forest: search the woodlands and grasslands in these Loess Hills areas to locate a variety of bird species.

Riverside Bluffs: this prairie preserve is located in Sioux City. Access to the site is found along West 19th St. and Kirk Hansen Park.